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We went to Iceland in February to celebrate my 30th birthday. That was the best birthday present ever!
Here are few highlights from our amazing trip.
Iceland is the perfect place for all the photo enthusiast. Possibilities are endless here.

Iceland is totally different than anywhere else on the globe.
It can be dark here for up to 20 hours during the winter and you can experience day light for over 20 hours during the summer, so it is impossible to sleep.

It’s also ridiculously windy here.

Iceland has a very unique landscape full of volcanic mountains, geysers and glaciers. You can drive for miles and miles and not see any evidence of human life.

Rotten shark is one of the national dishes, although Icelanders seems to eat a lot of herring too, even for breakfast!
It’s probably the only place where you can boil and egg in the hot spring or bake a bread in the ground.
Fresh air, clean water and of course the most amazing Aurora Borealis-The Northern Lights make this place really special.

Almost as big as England, Iceland has a population of 320.000 people. Two-thirds of the population live in Reykjavik.
Most Icelanders believe in so called Hidden People. Hidden people are Elfs living in rocks. They also leave a Christmas decoration on till March. You may thing this is weird but with so many hours of darkness during the winter season these colourful lights can definitely help in beating the winter blues.