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Way Up North – Rome

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Every year we make an effort to attend at least one photography workshop or conference not only to learn new things and hang out with super cool talented people but simply for the purpose of reigniting our creativity and getting positively energised after a hectic wedding season. So this year we decided to head to Rome for Way Up North photography conference. It’s one of its kind 2 days of inspiration, creativity, and honesty delivered by some of the most amazing photographers in the world attended by around 500 creative minds from all over the world. We didn’t go to this workshop with the intention of bringing home lots of notes (and in fact I didn’t’ actually write anything) but to open our minds and hearts to new things, totally new perspectives and different point of views. From 10 amazing presenters everybody brought something different to the table and that is what I liked most about this conference- variety of styles and very different approach to their business. And that was exactly what I needed to refocus; recalibrate and most of all to reconnect.

Daniel Aguilar

Great guy with a big smile and really positive attitude towards his work and life in general. The message I got from his talk was super simple – stay on target and work hard!

Lelia Scarfiotti 

Capture moments in between, be patient- when you know what you are looking for you will find it!

Davina and Daniel

Really cool couple from Canada. I was especially interested in their work as they are also working together as husband and wife and they do it amazingly together. They are very creative but also business-oriented. Personal projects- that’s what keeps them creative and fresh and that’s what I hope to do more in the future.

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Brian Morrow /Shark Pig

Half shark half pig. Probably the most entertaining presenter. Watching him talk was like seeing a show but he did talk about some very important aspects of our lifes. We can wake up every morning and go shoot a wedding or we can have entirely different attitude to our work and life.

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Ryan Muirhead

Probably the most honest and emotional speaker I have ever heard. His work is truly amazing and comes from his heart. Photography to him is all about connecting with the people you photograph.

Sam Hurd

Very creative and open-minded craftsman. Love his way of using prism and “ring of fire” to make his photos even more special.

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Oli Sansom

Lots of great suggestions.

Interesting idea of challenging yourself – http://imfeelingsassy.com/ How you do it is more important than what you do.

Citlalli Rico

Lovely lady with very helpful suggestions and thoughts.

Learn form your mistakes. Be always prepared (3-4 backups) Shooting for contest doesn’t matter

Tonhya Kae

Be selective- not every couple is always right for you.

Jonas Peterson

Don’t be a story teller for you followers, be a story teller for your clients. Create something meaningful for them. Deliver emotions and show real stories for real people.
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Big thanks to Cole and Jacob from Nordica Photography for pulling it off together. They did a fantastic job organising this event.

A separate blog post from Rome to follow shortly. Stay tuned!